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Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics promotes PVC recycling - 2016-04-25

Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics features a multi-layered construction engineered to deliver all the attributes of a world-class sewer pipe while promoting the use of recycled PVC.

DPI Plastics introduced its Ultracor multi-layer SANS 1601 sewer pipe to the South African market in 2002. This consisted of three virgin or ‘first use’ layers: namely, an inner and outer PVC wall, together with a foamed inner core.

When compared to its sewer pipe predecessor (the SANS 791 Durodrain pipe), Ultracor was a lighter, more cost-effective and material-efficient sewer pipe that quickly gained ground in the market.

Over the years, extensive research and development by DPI Plastics and its ongoing commitment to increase its use of recyc...

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Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics promotes PVC recycling

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